Welcome to my “Sports Museum” site.  Over the last five decades, it has been my hobby to collect sports items/artifacts together with ads of sports clippings and photographs.

Two years ago it dawned on me: “Why don’t I put it all online for sports enthusiasts to enjoy the forgotten heroes and heroines of the past”.

So here is “sports-chest.com” which attempts to include decades of old stories, photographs and videos as an archive.

I am sure there is something here in this catalogue of collections to bring back some of the sporting memories for the older generation but on the whole it will wet anyone’s appetite just reading, looking at photographs and watching the videos.

Looking back at my teenage life, I would listen to the daily sports round-up over the radio and read the Straits Times from back to front.

Little did I realize at that time that I would become a sportswriter. In the eleven years with The Star, New Straits Times and the Sports Mirror (all Malaysian Publications), I have had numerous opportunities to be in the company of many top sports personalities.

It was  one of my greatest sports memories to have had many a conversation with “THE GREATEST”, former heavyweight boxing champion, Muhammad Ali.

My hope is to see this site grow. Please do send in your comments or if you possess any age-old photographs or sports clippings and you want to share it on this site, I will be more than pleased to accept them.

This site is dedicated to the memories of my sportswriter colleagues in Malaysia and throughout the world and all those sports personalities who gave me the reason to write.

Lastly, I also dedicate it to my dad (G A Das) who brought me along to watch the local club football matches in the fifties as a five year-old in the small town of Tampin, Malaysia. These encounters lit the flame and started my love for sports.

Have a great time on the site!


George Das